Women who are looking to conceive should consider acupuncture treatments. Chinese researchers are discovering powerful ways to “jumpstart” the meridians on a woman’s body to accelerate the process of natural hormone balancing in her body.

Acupuncture techniques can be applied more effectively than drugs to boost fertility with no negative results or side effects. Acupuncture is a healing art derived from ancient Chinese medicine. Acupuncture involves the application of fine needles, inserted at specific locations on the body, to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

An investigation led by Dr. Zhiguang Hu at the Mawangdui Hospital in Hunan Province finds that acupuncture techniques can increase a woman’s chances of pregnancy by 43.3 percent. In the study, acupuncture was twice more effective than pharmaceutical treatments. The women benefited the most when given a 30 minute acupuncture session each day during their menstrual cycle.

The researchers noted that acupuncture had a “significant advantage” over the pharmaceutical method because the drugs had a “high adverse effect rate”. At least 63 percent of women using the fertility drugs experienced problematic side effects. There were no problems with acupuncture, and the healing art proved to be twice as effective for normalizing hormone levels, helping women ovulate.

Lead researcher, Dr. Zhiguang Hu said, “One important mechanism responsible for the fertility treatment success with acupuncture is hormonal regulation.”

In fact, within two weeks acupuncture helped normalize the body’s prolactin levels. Dr. Hu said that acupuncture stimulated a “faster homeostatic response for prolactin production in women with hyperprolactinemia.” Women with hyperprolactinemia have abnormally high levels of prolactin. Too much prolactin interferes with a woman’s menstrual cycle and causes issues with reproduction. IVF treatments, including bromocriptine, or bromocriptine plus clomiphene, showed some results in four weeks, but caused lingering negative effects.

Dr. Hu concludes, “Overall there is wealth of information indicating that acupuncture is successful in promoting reproductive health. Pregnancy rates increase accompanied by measurable improvements in hormonal regulation.”