Our goal is to help you conceive and encourage healthy, thriving parents that can create a vibrant and healthy child. Just as a gardener enriches the soil before planting a seed, we believe in investing in your health and body prior to conception.

Since it takes about 90 days for new sperm production, it is ideal to dedicate 3 months to taking good care of yourself to ensure the best possible sperm are used for conception.


  • Each fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains
  • Buy organic and local when possible
  • Avoid sugar
  • Avoid soy
  • Avoid processed and packaged food
  • Avoid coffee
    • Coffee is linked to poor motility
  • Avoid alcohol
    • Alcohol contributes to poor quality sperm, poor sperm count, poor motility, and liver problems.
  • Drink plenty of water


  • Do not overheat the testicles
  • Avoid putting your mobile phone in your front pockets
  • Avoid working with your laptop directly on your lap
  • Avoid wearing tight underwear
  • Avoid hot tubs
  • Avoid extreme biking
  • Keep body weight in normal range
    • Fat cells convert androgens to estrogens, which can interfere with male hormonal balance. Very low weight impeded sperm production.
  • Avoid smoking
    • Sperm count of smokers is about half that of non-smokers. A pack a day is linked to poorly formed sperm tails.
  • Avoid marijuana
    • Marijuana used is linked to poor sperm motility and poor sperm production. It has shown to lower the level of androgens that a man can produce and raise estrogen blood levels.
  • Avoid anabolic steroids
    • In addition to short-term problems with fertility, anabolic steroids can sometimes cause permanent sterility.
  • No toxic chemical exposure
    • Environmental toxins linked globally to a 40% reduction of sperm count in the last 50 years. Includes pesticides, heavy metals, paints, and solvents.
  • Ejaculate at least once a month
    • Less frequent ejaculations make more viscous fluid and slow down the sperm.
  • Ejaculate every other day from day 8-14 of a woman’s 28-day cycle.
  • Use a fertility friendly lubricant such as Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus
  • Moderate exercise
    • Both excessive and deficient exercise interferes with hormonal function.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep, nap if needed
  • Minimize stress
    • Yoga, meditation, and acupuncture can help with this


Men should be taking a daily fertility multivitamin, along with Vitamin D3, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Co-Q10.

Additional supplements as needed:

Antioxidants to help buffer environmental toxicity and improve sperm morphology

  • Vitamin C: 2,000 milligrams per day (in divided doses)
  • Vitamin E: 800 IUs per day
  • Beta-carotene: 100,000 IUs per day
  • Selenium: 200 micrograms per day

Sperm enhancement

  • Zinc: 60 milligrams per day (for sperm production and testosterone metabolism)
  • Vitamin B12: 1,000 milligrams per day (involved in the replication of cells)
  • L-Arginine: 2,000-4,000 milligrams per day (helps promote cellular replication)
  • L-Carnitine: 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams per day (assists sperm motility

Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Jade Treasure Cool: for low sperm count, low number of normal shape sperm, poor motility or high DNA fragmentation with signs of heat.
  • Jade Treasure Clear: for anti-sperm antibodies or a varicocele, or history of testicular trauma (including surgery and biopsies)
  • Jade Treasure Support: for poor sperm motility or morphology or low sperm counts with possible low testosterone levels, lethargy, sensitivity to cold, low libido or ED.