The Fertility Journey 

Every couple has a different story on how they conceived. Some have an easier journey than others, but most agree that timed intercourse takes all of the romance out of sex.  Couples can become mechanical and only have sex during ovulation.  Women can become obsessed with urgency, and men can be left feeling used.  Whatever your situation is, here are some tips to lessen the strain on your relationship.

1. Communication 

Don’t make an assumption that your partner knows what you are feeling.  To go through this journey together you must open up and voice what you are feeling.  In addition, listening is essential!  Create and hold a caring space so your partner feels heard and comfortable to bring up everything they are feeling.  Do not blame one another.  You are a team and you can’t do this alone!

2. Reduce Negativity

Negative thoughts are unproductive.  Trust that whatever the outcome may be, it will be the right one for you.  Try to boost your partner’s morale.  Remember this is only a temporary time in your life.

3. Sex for Connection

Yes, not just timed intercourse!  Make time for one another to go out on dates.  Increase your touching from hand holding and hugs to cuddling in bed.  The healing power of touch is incredible.  It has been linked to lowering blood pressure, increasing the number of white blood cells, reducing anxiety, and increasing endorphins.

4. Counseling 

Seek outside help when needed.  This is a very difficult time and puts immense stress on a couple.  Guidance to help ease the stress is highly recommended!

Final Thoughts
Conceiving is just one part of your life.  Remember to have fun, enjoy life, and take good care of yourself. The healthier and happier you are, the more fertile you will become.  Where you are today is not where you will be forever.

Try This Daily Exercise for Instant Connection: 

Every night before bed, share one thing that you deeply appreciate about your partner (the more detailed the better). Then, listen and allow your partner to share one thing they appreciate about you.