When Health Isn’t About “Getting It Right”


What do you enjoy doing simply for the joy of doing it?  Remember when you were a child and you would pass hours participating in the magic of the moment?  When life wasn’t always about being productive?

As adults, we often say no to activities for fear of not being good at them.  I encourage you to try new things, explore, have fun!  Learn an instrument, sing, paint, dance, roller-skate…  This is not frivolous, this is an important part of your mental and physical health.  Make time to enjoy life. 


The link between health, happiness and our sense of belonging has been studied now for decades.  Studies show over and over again that people live longer and with less chronic illness when they are part of a community.  Do you have a community where you feel supported and loved?

This is not necessarily about having as many people as possible in your network, but more essentially, making sure that the relationships in your life are positive ones. Cultivate and celebrate the relationships in your life that lift you up. 


We must have hope, always.  I work with many of you who are struggling with fertility and trying to conceive.  Other clients are dealing with chronic pain and illness.  No matter what is happening to you in your life, you must always remain hopeful.

The influence of mental states on the physical body is another area of study that is quickly gaining traction in medicine.  Our thinking and our outlook on life play a role in what happens on a physical level.  Don’t underestimate the power of positivity.