Facial Acupuncture

In ancient Chinese medicine, it is believed that illness is due to an imbalance that occurs in the body. Similarly, acne is caused by the imbalance in the energy of the whole person.

The first issue is finding the imbalance – the acupuncturist will consider the location, presence, and overall look of your skin and any blemishes. Taking into account all the factors that affect acne, including hormones and digestion, your acupuncturist will isolate the root of the imbalance and tailor your treatment in order to correct that imbalance.

For example, white or black heads located around your cheeks, nose, and forehead may indicate lung heat as the main issue.

These varying imbalances can be treated many different ways – a regimen of tea to help cool the blood and clear the lungs, activating blood circulation using circulatory stimulators, or female ginseng to inhibit pus-producing cells from migrating to the face, or some diet changes.

A Huffington post writer talks about her experiences with facial acupuncture, which you can read here. She writes about how her diet and her lifestyle was the actual cause in her acne, even at her age. Furthermore, she talks about not only how her acne was treated, but also her fine lines and wrinkles that her acne made more noticeable. After her treatments, she looks and feels great, and she has been freed from those “painful patches of acne.”