Celebrities and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medicine that is designed to work with your body to keep it balanced as well as optimally healthy, both things that especially a celebrity would need.



Sandra Bullock has acupuncture treatments regularly, as she believes that it takes care of her body and keeps it in good health. In fact, Sandra Bullock has a clause in her contract that requires her employer to provide her with three appointments for acupuncture a week.






Robert Downey Jr. advocates for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and credits his good health to this. He uses acupuncture for general health regularly, and has, in fact, attributed his wellbeing to Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture.





As a tool against her breast cancer, Sheryl Crow actually went through acupuncture treatments as well. She paired it with the traditional treatment, and used acupuncture to boost her immune system. In addition to acupuncture, she also had a regimen of herbal teas.





The singer Fergie utilized acupuncture in order to help her with her fertility, and believes that is what led to her easy pregnancy. In addition to acupuncture helping lead to her pregnancy, Fergie continued using acupuncture to aid in morning sickness and other pregnancy problems.