Meditation strengthens and integrates mind, body and spirit and helps to cultivate focus, clarity, creativity, stamina, vitality, emotional stability and mindfulness in all actions. A daily meditation practice also expands one’s sense of connectedness to the natural rhythms of life.

Current research affirms what saints, sages, athletes, artists, and successful business peopl
e already know: Regular meditation results in less stress, more ease and greater enjoyment of life amidst the many challenges of modern living.

Below is a meditation exercise you can start today! 

1. Find a comfortable seated position, can be on the ground or in a chair. Make sure the hips feel grounded, the back is straight, and the top of the head is reaching up towards the ceiling.

2. Begin taking deep breathes.

3. Count each breathe. Start at the number 20, count down for each breath until you get to 0. If you lose track of your counting, start over again at 20. If you have more time, begin at a higher number.

You may lose track of your counting several times! This is okay. Every time you catch your mind drifting and refocus it, you are strengthening your practice. Meditation is about observing the mind, increasing our awareness and optimizing our focus.