Daily Routines for Better Health

Optimal health is about balance.

Anything extreme (extreme diets, exercise, work, even pleasure) is contrary to balance and can become unhealthy. To maintain balance, a life of moderation is best. A moderately healthy diet, regular exercise, some work, some play, and good daily routines are the foundations for a long and healthy life.

Daily Routines for Optimal Health: 

1. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Stay positive.


2. First thing in the morning, have a full glass of warm water. This will promote regular bowel movements and provide a daily cleanse for the digestive system.

Pouring water into glass

3. Meditate once a day. Take as much time as you have, 1-20 minutes, sit quietly by yourself, take deep breaths and count each one. If you lose track of your count, start over from “one”.


4. Eat balanced. Attempt to incorporate protein, carbohydrates, and fats in every meal. For snacks, grab nutrient rich fruits and veggies. Minimize processed food, junk food, and fast food.


5. Eat mindfully. Notice what you are eating, how it looks, how it tastes, and how it feels in your mouth. Avoid eating while rushed, watching TV, driving, angry, or overly emotional. Notice how your body feels while eating and stop eating once you feel full.


6. Eat at about the same time every day. Have breakfast upon waking, lunch at mid-day, and dinner at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.


7. Dedicate at least 20 minutes to moving your body. Walk, dance, run, do pushups, abdominal work, Tai Qi, Yoga, whatever you like!


8. For deeper, more restful sleep, turn off the TV, computer, phone, and other electronics 1 hour before bed.


9. Do some light stretching before bed. This helps to release any remaining stress and tension from the body, allowing you to sleep better and start the next day fresh rather than stiff and achy.


10. Rub your belly. While lying in bed before sleep, rub your belly in a clockwise motion. Aim for 10 sets of 10. This massages your intestines to promote smooth digestion and elimination.


11. Sleep before 11pm to get in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle—your circadian rhythm— for achieving good sleep.


12. Socialize with kind and caring people.


May you find your balance and thrive!